All in a day’s work at Heritage Farm

These photos were taken within 30 minutes of each other yesterday—just another beautiful, busy day at Heritage Farm!


SSE Orchard Manager Dan Bussey planting a ‘Buff’ apple tree, a cooking variety from Germany, in the new SSE Orchard.

A second year apple tree planted among winter rye, the cover crop in the new orchard.

Field of dreams: The new orchard planted in cover crop. When finished, the new 9.5 acre orchard will help SSE protect important heritage apple varieties from the upper midwest.

The SSE preservation garden crew preparing beds in Diverstiy Gardens at the Lillian Goldman Visitors Center.

The first green of the season in the display garden outside the Lillian Goldman Visitors Center.

SSE preservation garden crew planting pea starts in the display gardens.

A visitor browsing the transplants for sale at the Lillian Goldman Visitors Center

SSE Education Assistant Grant Olson making bean trellises for one of the many display gardens at Heritage Farm.

SSE librarian Bill Musser on his way to the Robert Becker Memorial Library at Heritage Farm, which houses more than 3,500 books, media, serial publications and periodicals, nearly half of which are vintage materials.
Horticultural Technician Gabi Masek inoculating pea seeds. Learn more about preservation activities at Heritage Farm.

A forest of pepper seedlings in the greenhouse.

You call, we answer: Customer service and garden crew staffer Lauren Cochran is here to help!

Customer service and garden Support staffer Diane Burke recording how many seed packets she has filled by hand today.

One of the newest members of the family here at Heritage Farm.

Ancient White Park cattle roamed the British Isles before the time of Christ, and are often described in ancient Celtic lore. Today, these majestic animals play an important role in maintaining the pastures at Heritage Farm.

SSE Herdsman Tim Abbott and Facilities Crew Manager Jim Edrington moving the herd to the high pasture.

Who says working this hard can’t be fun!

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  1. Jerry Josefy Jr. says:

    In oklahoma it started out cool and wet and my garden didn’t take off like it should but now it has warmed up some and it is doing alot better. The cucumbers i planted were slow about comming up but are starting to vine a little and should start putting on flowers before long. look forward to fresh veggies.