Sixteen NEW Varieties Coming to the 2018 Catalog

Growing beloved favorites is one of the pleasures of gardening and tried-and-true varieties promise stellar results, but trying out a new-to-you variety is an opportunity to discover, wonder, and learn. And we are excited to bring 16 new introductions to our 2018 catalog for you to enjoy. From an award-winning sauce tomato to an unusually named, but visually striking, corn, you'll find many "From the Collection" varieties you'll want to include in your 2018 garden.

While these seeds are "new" to the catalog, the varieties themselves date back generations and all have unique stories to tell. They come from the seed bank of over 25,000 rare, heirloom, and historic varieties. Part of our work involves growing varieties every year on our farm, evaluating them on performance and taste, and selecting exceptional varieties to be offered in the catalog. When varieties from the collection are brought out and introduced in the catalog, they live on, growing in gardens and being enjoyed on tables everywhere. 

"From the Collection" varieties will be available in December in our catalog and online. Sign up to receive a 2018 catalog