SSE Seeks Input from Plant Breeders and Farmers


The Seed Savers Exchange community has spent almost 45 years saving and sharing seeds. Plant breeders and farmers play a fundamental role in this mission by ensuring that quality seeds and produce abound and can be enjoyed by all. That’s why SSE wants to learn how we can make it simpler for plant breeders and farmers to find and purchase seeds.

If you are a breeder or farmer, please consider taking a quick (less than 10 minutes to complete!) survey to tell us about your experiences sourcing germplasm and seeds. The two surveys (one for breeders, the other for farmers) are fairly similar, so choose the one that best pertains to you.

If you are a breeder, you can provide your insights about sourcing germplasm by clicking here.

If you are a farmer, we would also like to learn more about what is important to you when purchasing seeds. Please share your insights by clicking here.

Your input will help us continue to bring heirloom varieties to America’s gardens and tables. Thank you!

Questions? Contact Kathryn Gilbery at