Whispers From the Past

Our seed vault at Seed Savers Exchange keeps our living collection frozen, saving the genetic material for future generations.   But the seed vault also holds childhood memories, whispers from the past, for many.  

The gifts of seed we received into our collection are truly incredible and the stories people share with their gift remind us why preserving seeds is vital work:

Playing in the dirt is probably my favorite pastime - I call it my therapy sessions!  One of my earliest memories of my grandfather is going to his garden with him when I was a girl of only 4 or 5 years old... it’s a memory that resurfaced when I began gardening with your seeds.  Thank you, for all that your organization represents and does.  - Mary
I was born 73 years ago and continue to live near my family’s property that was 300 acre land grant for my Great, Great, Great Grandfather’s service in the War of 1812.  As I clear land for new garden spots I intend to plant only heirloom seeds and plants...when looking through your catalogue I recognize plants from my childhood!  - Roger
Benary's Giant Zinnias

Benary's Giant Zinnias

I have been growing seeds from Seed Savers Exchange for 3 years now; seeds from unusual plants with an incredibly documented history...seeds that have provided untold pleasure and satisfaction to me, to my aging parents, to my neighbors, to passersby, and to the pairs of goldfinches who return yearly who laughably strip the lower petals of the Benary's Giant Zinnias.
The plants and the seeds carry with them the histories, stories, and lives of people over generations...it is a truth which gives me spiritual goosebumps.  I am blessed and honored to participate.  - Brad

Stories like this are why a new vault is of paramount importance. Without it, seeds and their stories could be lost forever.

We are over halfway to our goal of raising $80,000 by October 31st for a replacement to protect these seeds, stories, and family legacies.  You can help.  

A gift to the Seeds of Tomorrow campaign does more than pay for a seed vault, your gift touches human lives for generations to come.