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Where to start: How about peppers? How about today?

Photo by David Cavagnaro

‘Grandpa Ott’s’ morning glories cover the south face of the iconic barn behind the Lillian Goldman Visitors Center at Seed Savers Exchange. But don’t be fooled by the scenery, this barn is much more ... Read More »

The results are in!


The ‘Dester’ took home the blue ribbon at the 6th Annual Tomato Tasting and Seed Saving Workshop at Heritage Farm last weekend. With over 40 varieties in the lineup, the competition was steep for this ... Read More »

Behind the scenes of the 6th Annual Tomato Tasting and Seed Saving Workshop


Ok, we have a secret; it’s in the public’s best interest that we come clean with this information. We at Seed Savers Exchange have ulterior motives behind the upcoming Tomato Tasting and Seed Saving ... Read More »

Small talk, big numbers: A look at peas with the SSE Preservation staff

SSE Horticultural Technician Tor Janson (left) and Horticultural Assistant Collin Thompson taking measurements in the field

If you’re trying to make small talk at Heritage Farm, don’t ask someone from the SSE preservation staff how the garden is looking. I found this out for myself a few weeks ago while fetching some ... Read More »

Pine Spring Creek Restoration Project


Last week marked the official groundbreaking for the Pine Spring Creek Restoration Project at Heritage Farm—and with it, an exciting advance for genetic diversity here at Seed Savers Exchange ... Read More »

Voices from the 31st Annual Seed Savers Exchange Conference & Campout

The Annual SSE Conference and Campout is a great place to meet like-minded gardeners, learn from experienced seed savers, and enjoy the beauty of Heritage Farm—but don't take our word for it. Hear ... Read More »

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