This Valentine's Day, Say it With Seeds!

Valentine's Seeds

Dearest Romantic Gardeners: Do you have a special someone to woo on this Valentine's Day? Rather than the typical box of chocolates or bouquet of flowers, consider the gift that keeps on giving: Heirloom Seeds! In addition to providing us with wonderful flavors, stunning beauty and the genetic diversity needed for agricultural sustainability, their beautiful and unique names offer us a clever way to delight our Valentine gardeners. So let some of our Heirloom seeds do the talking for you! Here are a few great examples cooked up by our crafty staff (click the images to enlarge them):

First of all, make sure to tell that special someone just how much you lovage Lovage  them...


...and how they'll always be your Valentine Sunflower Valentine Sunflower...


or Black Valentine Bean Black Valentine Bean,



because you've been struck by Cupid's Arrow Green Arrow Pea!



And what Valentine's Day is complete without a Bouquet Dill Bouquet, herb of flowers ,


a Rose Tomato Rose Tomato or China Rose Radish China Rose Radish,


a box of Sweet Chocolate Sweet Chocolate Bell Pepper,


or some Candy Isis Candy Cherry Tomato?


So prove to your Valentine you have a Heart of Gold Hearts of Gold Melon


by treating your Garden Sunshine Garden Sunshine Pepper


like an Empress Empress Bean,



with a romantic Candlelight Candlelight Pepper  Picnic Picnic Watermelon,



while watching the Sunset Sunset Runner Bean.



Finally, turn what was once your Flame Flame Lettuce,



into your King King of the North Pepper or Queen Table Queen Squash,



by giving a precious Gem Emerald Gem Melon, or,



dare we say- a Diamond Diamond Eggplant?