Superb Heirloom Herbs

Nothing brings your cooking to the next level like fresh garden herbs. We’ve chosen some of our favorites for you, but we can’t wait to hear about your preferred varieties and your favorite ways to use them.


Organic Cilantro

1. Cilantro- Fresh cilantro leaves are a perfect addition when cooking Mexican cuisine. Or you can grind the seeds for coriander spice.



Organic Genovese Basil

2. Genovese Basil- If you’re crazy about pesto, or many other Italian dishes, this basil is the choice variety with its sweet and spicy flavor.



Giant From Italy Parsley3. Giant from Italy Parsley- This heirloom herb continuously yields large, flat leaves with a strong, classic parsley flavor.



Organic Thyme

4. Thyme- This organic herb is perfect for all types of cuisine as a complementary seasoning for both meat and vegetables.



Rosemary5. Rosemary- This herb grows as a shrub that’s perfect for pot planting. The grey-green leaves promise spicy flavor that’s useful across many dishes.



Grandma Einck's Organic Dill

6. Grandma Einck’s Dill- This heirloom herb belonged to our co-founder’s grandmother and is known to fill large spaces with its aromatic and nostalgic scent. It will grow abundantly, making it great for both fresh use and canning.


Organic Greek Oregano

7. Greek Oregano- This organic oregano variety offers a flavor that is sharper, yet lighter, than classic oregano. This essential herb gives oval leaves of light green.



Lettuce Leaf Basil

8. Lettuce Leaf Basil- Also known as Large Leaved Italian, this classic heirloom herb has been known since 1885. This robust plant gives large, slightly crumpled bright green leaves.



Organic Chives

9. Chives- This organic herb is slightly onion-flavored and is a delicate addition to many recipes. It’s gorgeous pink flowers are edible, too!



English Lavender

10. English Lavender- This classic herb serves appropriately for cutting and drying to preserve its aromatic fragrance and essential oils.



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