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Evaluation Program Highlights for 2012

Collection Bean 6042

The Evaluation Program Maintaining and distributing unique heirloom and open-pollinated seeds is the primary goal of the Seed Savers Exchange (SSE) gene bank. The Evaluation Program is an important ... Read More »

Evaluating Hundreds of Heirloom Seeds

Seed Savers Exchange staff working on one of the hundreds of varieties evaluated each year.

Each year at Heritage Farm we grow a portion of our collection—family heirlooms passed down generationally and given to Seed Savers Exchange for safekeeping. Part of the responsibility that comes ... Read More »

Small talk, big numbers: A look at peas with the SSE Preservation staff

SSE Horticultural Technician Tor Janson (left) and Horticultural Assistant Collin Thompson taking measurements in the field

If you’re trying to make small talk at Heritage Farm, don’t ask someone from the SSE preservation staff how the garden is looking. I found this out for myself a few weeks ago while fetching some ... Read More »

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