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Which Trellis is the Best Trellis?

Trellises at SSE

Here at Seed Savers Exchange, to say we grow a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and flowers would be an understatement. With decades of experience growing hundreds of vegetable varieties in ... Read More »

Winter Luxury Squash: Pumpkin Pie’s dream come true

Winter Luxury pies

Looking to increase the number of oohs and aahs you receive this Thanksgiving?  Try going the homemade heirloom route by using winter squash instead of canned pumpkin in your pumpkin pies.  One of ... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Radishes

Large French Breakfast radishes ready to bolt.

  The radishes at Heritage Farm are in full bloom! Our flowering beauties may no longer be edible, but they are well on their way to producing seed. Luckily, most radishes grow quickly and ... Read More »

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