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The Garden That Seeds Itself

Grandpa Ott's Morning Glory

Part 1: Springtime "The Story of the Root Children" written by Sibylle Von Olfers was a book I read over and over to my children.  Each spring I am reminded of this tale when my garden is bare, ... Read More »

Talking Trees Installation at Heritage Farm


Talking Trees is an outdoor sound installation created by Brooke Joyce and Harvey Sollberger. Talking Trees began as a casual, post-concert conversation between composers Brooke Joyce and Harvey ... Read More »

Cow Art. Talking Trees. Rare Plants.


Seed Savers Exchange will host two month-long outdoor art exhibits at Heritage Farm beginning in May.  “Grassfed,” by artist Valerie Miller of Steel Cow studio in Waukon, Iowa, features larger ... Read More »

Tips for growing potatoes


Here are a few tips from SSE's gardening crew for a healthy and bountiful harvest. General Advice Potatoes always do best in full sun. They are aggressively rooting plants, and we find that they ... Read More »

Seed Starting Workshop at Heritage Farm


Local gardeners and seed savers gathered at Heritage Farm last weekend for the annual Seed Starting Workshop. Each participant left with a tray full of starts and a notebook full of planting tips. ... Read More »

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