Top Ten Heirloom Tomato Varieties

The time has come to get your tomato plants started so they’re ready to transfer outside once the warm weather officially settles in. Take a look at this winter’s top ten favorite heirloom tomato varieties and let them inspire your upcoming garden.

Tomato Italian Heirloom1. Italian Heirloom- This heart-shaped, blush red heirloom tomato promises a classic, full tomato flavor.

Tomato Amish Paste2. Amish Paste- Originally from the Pennsylvania Amish, this tomato is ideal for fresh eating.

Tomato Cherry Roma Organic3. Cherry Roma- These small, plum-shaped organic heirlooms promise a sweet yet spicy flavor perfect both fresh and dried.

Tomato Black Krim4. Black Krim- These beefsteaks may have an unusual purple to green coloring, but a tart and excellent flavor.

Tomato Brandywine5. Brandywine- This heirloom tomato variety is a productive grower with a classic round and red look.

Kanner Hoell Organic Tomato6. Kanner Hoell- This moderately sweet beefsteak from the Preservation Gardens is on promotion for a short time to non-members.

Tomato Cherokee Purple Organic7. Cherokee Purple- These organic heirloom fruits of a dusty dark pink color have a pointedly sweet flavor.

Tomato Black Cherry Organic8. Black Cherry- This small and dark organic variety offers a pretty and sweetly complex element to your salad.

Tomato Gold Medal9. Gold Medal- This gold heirloom tomato with reddish streaks is a favorite bi-colored variety which won our 2008 Tomato Tasting.

Tomato Blondkopfchen Organic10. Blondkopfchen- These tiny yellow organic fruits grow in large clusters and promise an excellently sweet taste.

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