What’s Your Heirloom Tomato Name?

Ever wonder about the names of your favorite heirloom tomatoes? Some names are rather descriptive of the color, shape, or place they came from (Hungarian Heart, Green Sausage, Wapsipinicon Peach), others just make you scratch your head (Mortgage Lifter), and still others are equally descriptive and curious (Hillbilly Potato Leaf, Trucker’s Favorite). We put together a guide for you to have some fun and figure out what your heirloom tomato name could be!

Heirloom Tomato

Comment below to tell us your heirloom tomato name!

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  1. Marilyn O'Sullivan says:

    Dr. O’Sullivan’s Midget Traveler… That’s me!

  2. Dr. Hamilton’s Tasty Traveler Tomatoes :)

  3. I am “Auntie Davis’ Firey King” tomato…I like that, but I wish it was queen since I am a woman…..have a great day. KJD

  4. Laurie Higgins says:

    Grandma Higgins’ Lemon Drop Alleycat.

  5. Sara Davis says:

    Auntie Davis’ Speckled Strutworthy. Fantastic. :)

  6. I am “Dr. Holson’s Lemon Drop Plum Tomato”! lol

  7. Aimee Pennington says:

    Auntie Pennington’s Amish Beaut! Love it!!!

  8. Jennifer Mahan says:

    Auntie Mahan’s Jolly Darling. :)

  9. Annie Locher says:

    “Dr. Locher’s Amish Alleycat” !!

  10. Kathy Schnitzius says:

    My special tomato is Grandma Schnitzius’ Fiery Darling–a little bit of an oxymoron!

  11. “Auntie Hill’s Tasty Darling” Meh…

  12. James Rocky Curtiss says:

    Grandpa Curtiss’ Jolly Gem Tomatos

  13. Uncle La Plante’s Jolly lunch Box. Great!!!

  14. Auntie Crawford’s Double Darling! Sounds sweet!

  15. Little Cook’s Amish Plum!