Seed Starting Tips


Eager to get going in your garden? Start seeds indoors and be ready to plant when the weather is right. A few seed starting tips:

  • No pots? No problem: Use egg shells! Poke a hole in the bottom, crack and plant your eggshell starter pot when ready.
  • Add 30-40% compost (i.e. nutrients) to your seed starting soil mix. Mix should be damp (not wet) before planting.
  • Consistent water (amount and time of day) = happy starts!
  • Avoid over-filling trays and losing seeds when watering.
  • Even distribution and compaction of potting soil will help you determine a consistent watering regiment, which is key for healthy starts.
  • Planting seed too deep is one of the major causes of low seed germination.
  • Introduce stresses (e.g. wind and direct sun) gradually and one at a time when hardening off your starts.
  • Optimal germination temp = optimal grow temp + 10 degrees (most plants). Remove heat once your starts are up.
  • Using a grow light? Get it close to the soil for healthier starts.

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