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The seed vault at Seed Savers Exchange headquarters holds the seeds of over 20,000 heirloom and open pollinated plants.   These seeds and plants have been donated by gardeners, families, and communities - hands have passed these homegrown treasures down from generation to generation more than 50 years ago.

But There's a Problem

Today, the seed vault is failing.  Over time, our hillside vault has become vulnerable to the elements and has recently developed a large crack in the floor.  While seeds are being kept at a stable temperature today (-18 degrees C), action needs to be taken to install a replacement vault, immediately.

Climate control is not the only problem with the existing vault, it is simply full.  Chest freezers have been purchased year after year to accommodate the growing collection of heritage seeds and plants.  We are simply out of room.

Why the Vault is Important

The vault is home to the entire collection at Seed Savers Exchange.  It is our nonprofit mission to distribute and share those seeds with as many gardeners and farmers as possible.  We strive to reintroduce heirloom and open pollinated garden crops into the American landscape, allowing growers to grow, save, and replant or share seeds year after year - one of the few unbroken traditions of humanity that has been practiced since the dawn of agriculture.

The Solution

The seed vault is the core of Seed Savers Exchange, and vital to the health of our seeds and the future of our American garden heritage. With the vault in peril, a swift solution is needed. Our goal is to raise $80,000 before October 31 to cover the cost of constructing the new vault.

The planned replacement vault will meet the needs of Seed Savers Exchange today and for years to come.  A walk-in, fiberglass encased, outdoor freezer will be weather resistant, portable in the case it will need to be moved in future years, and large enough to accommodate adding even more varieties of rare and heirloom seeds. It is a timely solution that helps swiftly resolve the current problem, but also incorporates future potential.

Play a Part

The new vault will ensure the protection of the growing collection for future generations, but we can’t do it alone. You can help. Donate today to play a part in maintaining and preserving our shared heritage that lives in these seeds.

Visit the  Campaign website  for video, campaign progress, and project updates.

Visit the Campaign website for video, campaign progress, and project updates.

Making a tax deductible donation is easy.  Simply visit our campaign website. Stay up to-date on our progress by following us on Facebook and through our email newsletters.

Donate to preserve what matters. We can do this, together.